Thursday, February 22, 2007

Couldn't Have Been More Wrong

So far, I'm 0/4.

Rudy - I can live with this. His vocals were really alright, but I can stand not looking at him twitch anymore.

Paul - Sorry to see him leave so early. He didn't sound great, but he didn't sound awful either.

Neither one was nearly as bad as Sanjaya or nearly as boring as Jarred. I have to think America just couldn't stand the thought of Sanjaya crying. Oh wait, he did anyway.

Amy - I didn't think she sang poorly, just without a lot of presence.

Nicole - As much as I really didn't care for last night's performance (too screechy), she does have a very powerful voice. I would have liked to see her go further.

While Alaina and Amy were almost interchangeable, I can't believe Antonella was spared. Her performance was terribly out of tune and meek. She's a very pretty girl and her early exposure must have played a part in the voting.


new girl said...

Aw, darn! I haven't been watching, but I feel like starting just so I can contribute to the conversations.

Last year was the first and only year I watched. My husband was ready to kill me. I think I'm willing to risk it.

Amy said...

Martina's new favorite phrase is "American Idol SING!!", so of course we have to watch.

I too think Paul should have gone further. I knew he wouldn't make it all the way, but I think there were others that could have gone first. I thought Rudy might have done better had he enunciated. I couldn't tell what he was singing.

Unfortunately, I missed the women on Wednesday. I have choir, and I was multitasking while looking for my tape and then never got it into the VCR...oh well.

secret agent said...

Speaking of Antonella...have you heard about the photos all over the internet?
Her ex should be castrated for showing them.

SBird said...

I definitely think Antonella's coasting on her good looks right now. She's a striking girl, even with the deer-in-headlights expression during judging.

Hey, who is that covering the White Album from your playlist?