Thursday, February 22, 2007

AI - The top? 24

Let's talk Idol folks. The sixth season is now well underway and other than my husband, none of my close friends outside of the computer watch this show. I have to have somebody to dish with. Every week, I'm going to try to give the down and dirty of how I thought the performances went and a prediction of who's going to get the boot. I'll try to post other stuff too, but really, from January to May, does anything else really happen?

The Boys
Generally, underwhelming with a few bright spots. They've got their work cut out for them though.

Rudy - his voice was OK, but can anyone say manic? Very cheesy and off-putting.

Brandon - meh. He looks good and sounds OK, but mostly I'm not impressed yet.

Sundance - ouch. That really, really wasn't good. Which is really unfortunate because he showed such a wonderful, rich voice in auditions. I think nerves are still getting to him. I still have hope that he will pull it together and wow us someday soon. Either that, or he will continue to choke and prove himself to be the world's best shower singer.

Paul - Loved the song, but his rendition? Out of tune and just weird.

Chris R. - I just couldn't get over all the nasal. And the bobbing. Hated it.

Nick - The boy is good looking and he has a decent voice. It's wasn't a horrible song for him. I'm not sure what went wrong here, but it was really boring.

Blake - He can sing!! Really well!!! Who knew?

Sanjaya - He's quite adorable, but way, way out of his league. I like him, but that was just terrible.

Chris S. - Love his voice. Love it.

Jarred - who? zzzzzzz

AJ - remember John Leguizamo in the movie about the drag queens? That's all I could think about during his performance. He didn't sound awful and he looked really happy to be there.

Phil - I really want to like him and the start of this performance had me really worried. Very rough. But then? He pulled his shit together and SANG! Very nice.

The Ladies
Overall, much more impressive. Only a couple of cringe worthy performances here. Several really great ones.

Stephanie - not too shabby. Nice voice, pretty girl, good performer. She didn't wow me though.

Amy - again with the meh.

Leslie - She had more of an edge than I would have thought. I liked her and I think she'll improve.

Sabrina - I didn't care for the song, but the girl has pipes! Her curls were making me dizzy though.

Antonella - again with the ouch. Every single note was out of tune and her lack of performance experience really showed. Very painful. Also, she just looked stunned and bewildered that the judges weren't fawning over her. Blech.

Jordan - wrong song, but I can't imagine anyone doing anything better with it. She is one to watch.

Nicole - everything about that was weird. Her facial expressions, the song, just...everything. I'd like to hear her sing something less Chaka Khan. I'm not sure I'd like it, but I'm interested enough to keep watching.

Haley - Sweet, clear voice, which I liked. Very bad song choice. Don't do Celine if you can't out-do Celine. That's all I'm saying.

Melinda - My god she's adorable. And she has a hell of a voice. And stage experience. And did I mention the adorable?

Alaina - breathy and out of tune.

Gina - I liked it. Remember what I said about Celine? Doesn't apply here. Mostly because I didn't even know that Celine had covered that Eric Carmen classic. She was a bit pitchy, but I'm looking forward to hearing more.

LaKisha - Wow. Just wow.

Going Home
Sanjaya and zzzzzz. Wha'? Oops, sorry I fell asleep typing his name. Jarred.

Also, if there is any justice in this world - Antonella and Alaina. But if Antonella goes home, Simon needs to put himself in witness protection. Her dad looked, shall we say, well connected.


secret agent said...

Ya know--I really liked Gina-but when she takes the criticism poorly and acts cocky--to me it dooms them. Humble always gets the votes. Her comment bugged me a bit.
though---On Season 2--Jennifer Hudson behaved shockingly bad, bad grammar--bad attitude and look where she is today? Though I still think of her as the stupid one.

Mamacita said...

I really thought that all the white girls should just pack up and leave PRONTO. And the boys were just underwhelming. The only ones I liked were the hair boys: giant curly hair, spiked highlighted hair boy (beatboxer) and no-hair boy (man, I guess, since he has kids.)