Friday, June 16, 2006

Nursery Rhymes

I hate to subject you to such awful verse, but I was trying to come up with a title for a post about our nursery (or lack thereof) and I got stuck on this one. It simply requires bad poetry to be written in it's honor. Don't say you weren't warned.

Of course we have room for a baby, I say
I want her here now, but we're not ready today.

There are clothes in the closet, she's got something to wear,
However, I don't see a place for a crib stuffed in there:

We finally bought furniture, but it needs some work,
Thank God for E-Bay, a great price is a perk! (Isn't it all curvy, and girly and wonderful! Oops, I guess that doesn't really rhyme, does it? Sorry for breaking the flow.)

The fabrics are purchased, so cute I could cry...
Curtains, and crib quilts and bumpers! OH MY!

The dog who lived here before us got paint on his paws.
Now I have to learn to refinish, just because (they were too damned lazy wipe it up with a paper towel. Instead, they covered it up with incredibly ugly bright blue shag carpeting..damn, I forgot about that rhyming thing again. I couldn't help it, the way they screwed up this house is a whole 'nother post. Back to cutesy poetry now.)

Annabelle's room is gonna be great
But if I keep putting it off, we're gonna be late!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Comments Welcome!

I had no idea my comments section was set to members only. It's fixed now. I hope you all didn't think I didn't want to chat, I love reading what you have to say.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Name Game

We can finally check this "to do" off our list. One other thing G. and I accomplished during our week long anniversary celebration was to finally pick a name for this kid. Since I am a bit of a name trend watcher (stalker) I've had several names in mind for lots of years. Also, G. and I like the same sorts of names: feminine, traditional, classic. I blithely assumed that this would be an easy task. One year and hundreds of name options later, we managed to agree.

We were thinking Grace, Rose, or Claire which are all lovely names. We were having trouble finding middle names other than Elizabeth to go with any of them. No offense to the Elizabeths of the world, it just wasn't for us. While pouring over the other middle name options, a name I had never considered before popped into my brain. And it wouldn't go away. When I mentioned it to G. he got this look in his eyes that told me we'd hit the jackpot. We'd found the perfect name for our family. It's not too popular, it's not too out there, it's pretty and classic and we love it.

We can't wait to welcome Annabelle Grace into our home.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Spending Time with My Sweetie (and our new camera)

A couple of weeks ago, G. and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. Ususally, we both take the week off and go somewhere to be by ourselves and relax. No where fancy most times (ever) but fun.

One year we did Branson up big time and I was amazed at how great a time we had. We fished, we saw cheesy shows, we shopped, we spent two hours and 50 cents at the trout farm and had a blast. To this day, I still regret not getting video of thousands of fingerling trout doing the wave for a few pellets. We are easily amused, however. Can you believe I've lived in St. Louis all my life and had never been?? I know, I know, it's un-American. I've also never been anywhere Disney. That has got to change.

We went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas a few years ago, and it was gorgeous. The whole town is on the National Historic Register and most of the houses (and one McDonalds) have lots of gingerbread detailing and 7 authentic colors of paint. Easily amused, remember?

Last year, we drove to Gatlinburg, TN and stayed in a mountainside cabin with one of the most beautiful views I've ever scene. It's a very touristy town with lots of silly stuff but we loved it.

Please note the lack of our pictures of all the above places. We didn't own a non-disposible camera until this Christmas when a combination of refund checks and my mom helped us by this beauty. It's more camera than I know what to do with, but I can learn, right?

This year, because we have no idea when we are traveling to China, we decided to save our vacation days and just goof off around town. Nine years after we were joined forever as a couple (minds out of the gutter, please), we went to a local tapas resturant and ate ourselves silly and drank way too many mojitos. God, I love a good mojito. I'm pretty sure mojitos are like sex. Even when they are bad, they're still pretty good.

That Friday, we splurged and took the whole day off work to go to the zoo. The St. Louis Zoo, by the way, is totally worth a visit when you're in town. It's one of the last free zoos in the country and it's really well run. Of course, they will nail you for parking, food, etc, but it is possible to go and have a great time for very little money. We love it! We took the new camera and took over 150 shots before its little battery gave out. Note to self, buy a spare. And for folks who don't no diddly about picture taking, I'd say we did all right. What do you think?

On the way home, we stopped and ate dinner at an Indian restaurant that overlooks the airport. Prawns Korma and Vindaloo, Nan stuffed with cherries, pistachios and I don't know what else and a Mango Lassi. Yum! If the camera hadn't already bit the dust, I would have shamelessly taken pictures of the food, too. I was on a roll.

Saturday, we spent the morning at a local famer's market on the south side of the city. It's been there for years and though we rarely go, it's always fun to people watch. It really draws a pretty diverse crowd and the selection of food is amazing. One shop sells nothing but gourmet goodies and spices and we alway load up. Orange Chipoltle Pepper anyone?

Sunday, we took a drive to our favorite herb farm in Augusta. Herbs are the only plants I can keep alive with any consistancy. Benign neglect is my motto (I'll trust the CCAA to ignore that statement). We are now the proud owners of 3 kinds of mint (candy, pineapple, and oh my god chocolate!), basil, oregano, tarragon, lavendar, garlic chives, rosemary, marjoram, lemon balm, lemon verbena and my all-time favorite lemon thyme. Absolutely nothing smells better than lemon thyme. We cook with some of them, but mostly I just like to go out in the evenings and run my hands through them, stirring up the scents. Heaven.

And no trip to Augusta would be complete without a stop at Montelle Winery. Even though we've tasted everything they make more than once before, we did it all again. I cannot say enough about their raspberry port when served with any variety of dark chocolate. You must get some. We took a bottle of peach out onto their terrace and relaxed while taking in the view.

At first, I hated giving up our traditional anniversay vacation, but I've got to say, staying in town and taking in the local sights that we often overlook because we live here, was fabulous. It was great down time with the hubby and probably the last vacation we'll take before becoming parents, which made it that much sweeter.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Technical Difficulties

If there is anyone still checking in here, I apologize for the lengthy absence. A couple of weeks ago my computer monitor, all 19" glorious, flat screen inches of it, went kaput. Since on the clock blogging is frowned on at work, I've not been able to update. We recently received a loner from G.'s very generous brother, which, while not beautiful, will do. I've lots to tell you, but little time tonite as laundry duty calls.

P.S. In case you have an ACER monitor that suddenly resembles a black hole, their customer service # is 1-800-432-6200. The what do if you are having problems section of their user's guide does not provide this helpful tidbit. It only directs you to a website to register your monitor for repairs. Not so useful when you CAN'T SEE THE FUCKING WEBSITE!!!