Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Name Game

We can finally check this "to do" off our list. One other thing G. and I accomplished during our week long anniversary celebration was to finally pick a name for this kid. Since I am a bit of a name trend watcher (stalker) I've had several names in mind for lots of years. Also, G. and I like the same sorts of names: feminine, traditional, classic. I blithely assumed that this would be an easy task. One year and hundreds of name options later, we managed to agree.

We were thinking Grace, Rose, or Claire which are all lovely names. We were having trouble finding middle names other than Elizabeth to go with any of them. No offense to the Elizabeths of the world, it just wasn't for us. While pouring over the other middle name options, a name I had never considered before popped into my brain. And it wouldn't go away. When I mentioned it to G. he got this look in his eyes that told me we'd hit the jackpot. We'd found the perfect name for our family. It's not too popular, it's not too out there, it's pretty and classic and we love it.

We can't wait to welcome Annabelle Grace into our home.


Mrs.X said...

It's lovely, and not one I hear very often.

baggage said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful name. I love it. The name game is a hard one to play with no real rules.