Thursday, February 23, 2006


Thank God the Olympics are almost over. And thanks to the magic of our DVR I am only about 10 hours behind in my viewing of all sports chilly and obscure. I've been watching skeleton (aptly named), snowboarding, figure skating (not obscure, but wonderful!) and even aerial ski jumping (who thought that would be a good idea?) I think I like the winter Olympics so much because there is so much potential for serious injury. The crashes, they are spectacular. I don't want to watch these athletes get hurt...but I do want to watch them almost get hurt. I'm a little twisted that way.

So, if I can make it through tomorrow without anyone telling me how badly Sasha Cohen choked tonight (and I hope she doesn't, but given past history and all I'm not holding my breath), then we should be back to regularly scheduled programming this weekend.


Ford & Alyson said...


We just found your blog by linking over from One More Makes Four. Welcome to the wild and whacky world of blogging. It can be like an addiction.

Looks as though you are DTC and just waiting on your LID date. In any event; the "wait" has begun.

Hang in there. Looking forward to following your adventure.

For what it's worth. I'm (Ford) originally from Missouri.

Take care,

PS: You may want to turn on your word verification for comments. It helps to stop the spammers.

Kim M. said...

Hi Dee!
Wasn't is sad to see Sasha fall. I was hoping she would get that gold. Kimmy Meisner didn't do to bad either. Isn't Alyson nice?

Dee said...

Ack! Kim, I haven't watched it yet!