Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It'sThat Love/Hate Thing Again...Now with updates!

Except right now, I'm not feeling the love.

Referrals are here.

Well, some referrals are here... The CCAA only processed matches through May 25, 2005. Since the last referral group ran through May 13, 2005, that means in a month, they only did 12 days worth. Someone please tell me this is gonna stop. It's got to. I know they are doing their best, with more applications than ever before (there were approximately 7900 adoptions to the US alone last year), and probably short-staffed like any other government agency anywhere. But at this rate, its going to be well into 2007 before we ever see our daughter's face. The current wait is around 9-10 months (it was 6 when we started), but The Agency predicts it will continue to stretch out to about 12 months from LID. It's killing me. I can't wait to see what I nutjob I've become by autumn.

And some are not... Apparently, (and I do not claim to know all the facts here) DHL lost over 100 referrals for 2 of the 4 largest agencies that process Chinese adoptions in the US. The Agency's entire group included. The Agency only had one LID for this referral group and those poor folks are losing their minds right about now. The above reference slow down started right in the middle of their wait, with little to no warning. Under their original time frames, they should have already been to China and back. They should be experiencing the doctors' appointments, sleeping issues, amd poop blow-outs they've been dreaming about for years by now. But nope, they get to wait some more. While everyone else posts!! their!! happy!! news!!

Some of the first actual people G. and I met who were adopting through The Agency were 2 couples in this group. We don't know them well, but we've become friendly with them. We like them. They are nice people and they have been through ENOUGH! I know they probably aren't reading this, but I hope they can feel the waves of love and hope that are flowing toward them right now as I type. I can't imagine what you're going through. I don't want to and I am so sorry you have to go through it. We all know you will be united with your children soon, but that doesn't help the pain now, so we won't pretend it does. Just know we are thinking about you.

Now (and I promise this isn't the amaretto and OJ talking) who's gonna kick some DHL ass?

Updated to add: The referrals are now back from the land of the lost. Turns out China accidently sent them to another agency with an almost identical name. I apologize to DHL's ass.

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Stephanie V said...

DHL or the CCAA? I think we're witnessing one of those "it wasn't me" stand-offs. In my opinion, who cares? Just fix it! Nobody has to take ownership for the mistake, let's just get these families their Referrals!