Saturday, March 10, 2007

American Idol Talk: 2/4 Again...Whatever

Since I'm quite late in posting this, you probably already know that Antonella, Sabrina, Jarred and Sundance got the boot this week.

Oddly, I'm neither terribly surprised or terribly dismayed. Of course, I'm wildly happy to see Antonella go, and reasonably pleased about Jarred's departure. Both were out of their respective leagues.

While I do think Haley is in over her head, Simon was awfully mean to the kid and that's always good for some sympathy votes. Oooh, there's a plan. Maybe the judges will be super sticky sweet to Sanjaya next week and America will take the bait and STOP VOTING FOR HIM ALREADY!

And although I'm not overly disappointed that Sundance is gone, I'm a little surprised at how much I don't really care. I started off really liking him, but he never delivered the goods in a consistent manner.


Wicked Witch said...

I am hoping that the gal with the short neck wins. I am forgetting her name but she rocks.

SBird said...

The one I was really surprised about was Sabrina...I know she didn't rock your boat completely, but I think she was definitely top-12 material.

secret agent said...

I like no neck the best too, and Sabrina getting the boot was just wrong...

Amy said...

Hi Dee!
Being the only contestant from the San Antonio audtions to make it thus far, I think Haley is getting tons of votes from us San Antonians just because she's our hometown girl, regardless of her singing. I'm proud my town is supporting their contestant, but honestly, she should have been gone instead of Sabrina.

I'm sad to see Sundance go, but I have to admit that I haven't been voting for him. I usually pick just a few favorites, and he's a little farther down on my list for that.

Well, I better run and vote. It is Tuesday night and I have less than half an hour left!