Thursday, August 24, 2006

Business Before Pleasure

God, I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted anything. I'm a bad, bad blogger. And as usual, I'll be using the "But I've been busy" excuse. Fortunately, this time, I have proof.

I got interested babywearing last year when several posters on APC (read at your own risk, you've been warned) mentioned taking strollers to China for their newly adopted babies, which in my opinion is the height of silliness. I don't have tons of experience with strollers, but I've folded and unfolded a few in my day and let's face it, the best of them are heavy and awkward and cumbersome. And that's here at home. Why would you want to lug one literally half-way 'round the world? Surely, there were better options, thought I. Some other posters on APC mentioned Snugglis and Baby Bjorns. So I started looking at these types of carriers at BRU, where the pickin's were slim and mostly ugly. They also were expensive and only carried babies up to 20lbs or so.

When I finally found, I was astounded at the huge variety of practical, beautiful options available for wearing babies and toddlers. And it occurred to that no one was telling the adoption community about these options and how babywearing could help adoptive parents bond with their children. This, I decided, would be my calling (and hopefully some extra money). So I researched, and sewed, and tried out a few designs, and pricked myself with needles (I've bled for you, people!), and sewed some more.

And now I am pleased and proud to announce the launching of Family Tais Baby Carriers - Creating the Tais That Bond. If I haven't totally bored you by now, please go take a look at I'd love to know what you think. I know a blog isn't the ideal spot for my business, but until someone gloriously more educated in web page design that I comes along, it will have to do. If that someone is you, let's chat!

The last month has been a fairly pleasant one. No horrible news and I occasionally even felt a little bit at peace with the rumors and the extended wait for referral. I'm not sure why, but I'll take it. Anything is better than not sleeping and grinding my teeth while I am.

I was able to go back to volunteering at the pet rescue, which I truly love. It's hard to think the world is a bad place when you've got arms full of puppies. Try it sometime and you'll see what I mean. I dare you.

My beautiful niece just started high school (ACK! She's 14? When the hell did that happen!?!) and it's been fun helping her do her back to school shopping and trying to soothe her nerves. She's a bright, athletic girl and a smart ass to boot. My sister and her husband have obviously done something right.

I've managed to start back at the gym, which while not exactly enjoyable, does make me feel a bit productive.

To completely counteract the workouts, G. and I had a fabulous dim sum lunch on Sunday here and tried several new things including fried taro puffs and a sesame seed sweet stuffed with lotus flower bean paste. And Atomic Mama will be pleased to note that I recognized the turnip cake as they wheeled it past my overstuffed self. I was too full to try it, but there will be a next time.

I also scored some really kick-ass adorable wallpaper border on eBay for a great price. I've been lusting after this paper for years so imagine my dismay at finding it discontinued when I finally got around to purchasing it. After it was delivered, I discovered that the tiger-striped guy exactly matches the copper on my hand-painted by moi kitchen back splash. It's decorating fate, I tell you.

Told ya I've been busy!

edited to add: how funny is it that Blogger's dictionary doesn't recognize "blog" or "blogger"?


lassie said...

Love the baby carriers! You've picked out great fabric! I bookmarked the site in my "must buy when pg" file and my "gift" file. What a neat way to keep yourself busy!

atomic mama said...

Very cool, congrats! You should look into selling on (and of course, ebay) if you haven't already... You missed out not having the turnip cake, though, dude. And those taro puffs? I've got nothing good to say about them...

Anonymous said...

Cool chickens. There are a lot of chicken quilt fabrics. You could go to chicken heaven with that.

Jen said...

I love the carriers. I sling my 10 month all the time and we both love it. Best of luck with the business!

Mrs.X said...

Yes, definitely going to be a must buy because I hate the sling I currently have. It's ugly, padded and too small.

Mary & Jacek said...

First of all - taro puffs rock! I get grouchy after dim sum if the taro puffs don't come around. >:\

Love the carriers!